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Let's Break  Barriers

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place:


 I don’t even know where to look for financial literacy resources for students and their families?

How can I encourage students and families that everything they learn in financial literacy will impact them every day?

How can I get more students college and career ready?

Will anyone understand the challenges low income students and families face?


I’m Jon Alvarado, founder of Teach Financial Literacy and I have a unique perspective on reaching low-income students and families.

I spent 10 years teaching math at a school with 80% free and reduce lunch students and two years teaching financial literacy at a school with 70% free and reduced lunch students.   

During that time, I taught over 2000 students using video instruction to help meet the needs and barriers of many of my students.

Coming from a family of poverty, I understand the challenges and barriers poverty presents mentally, emotionally, and financially.  I can help your students and families with important financial literacy topics that will help them become college and career ready.


I believe there's a better way reach families and students outside of school.  And this is why Teach Financial Literacy was created.  So you can have the peace of mind that all you have found a financial literacy program that will truly make a difference for students and  their families.  



No Lesson Planning

Your students and families will have lifetime access to over 40 lessons designed to help students become college and career ready.

Every Lesson Is Taught

Every lesson is taught.  Every activity is taught.  Each family will have an easy to access membership area where every lesson is taught for them.

Reduce your Stress

You have a lot of paperwork to manage.  Our reports have real time data to track student progress.

Schedule a Meeting Today.

Get your students college and career ready with Teach Financial Literacy.

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Take your stress away. Everything (Including the teaching) is done for you!

"I'd like to say this course looks fantastic! The level of detail you provide with each lesson is phenomenal. It is evident you have thought of everything - warm ups, powerpoint and video, assignments, exit tickets, etc. I love how every resource is provided as both a pdf and also as editable documents (in either word or PowerPoint format)."


"I am happy to have found financial literacy lessons because my students were asking for lessons on taxes and money issues. I am a math teacher, not an economics teacher, so these lessons provide an outline or framework for me to use plus some activities for my students to do."


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